Spider Control – What Should It Cost?

You are seeing spiders in your home and you really want to get a professional pest control service done, but you have no idea what it should cost? The bottom line is, cost is not the only factor when considering spider control for your home.

Absolute Pest Control Spider Control

Absolute Pest Control

Spider control, even on a professional level, can come in many forms. Some companies have, what are referred to in the industry as, “Baseboard Jockies”. These are the technicians that arrive at your home, go around the baseboards and “spray” a product, collect your money and leave – sometimes never to be seen again. That service will probably cost anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00.If you are looking for a more reliable service, you should get a company to:

  • Give you a rough idea of the cost over the phone,
  • Set an appointment to meet with you and do a thorough inspection,
  • Give you an explaination of the proposed service and a quote in writing (prior to applying any actual product),
  • Get your approval on the amount quoted,
  • Do the spider control service while he is there (not send a salesman for the quote and have to make another appointment for the service),
  • The service should include a treatment of the house, around baseboards, doors and windows, the outside perimeter of the house and inside and outside of the garage,
  • Offer a guarantee and,
  • Not require a contract!

The cost of this type of service will vary depending on the size of your house and the infestation. This initial service is considered a cleanout and the product will last 6 to 8 weeks. The cost on a typical house, in the Denver area, from 1500 sq ft (including all levels and garage), should start somewhere around $150.00. I realize this is a wide range, but spider control is based on many factors. This service would also eliminate other pests, such as beetles, crickets, earwigs, and even ants that walked through the product. These prices can vary from house to house and from pest control company to pest control company. Of course this isn’t an exact quote on your property.

For a reliable company in Colorado, I highly recommend Absolute Pest Control.

Sir William Pest Eliminator is the official spokesperson for Absolute Pest Control in Colorado. Servicing the Denver, and surrounding areas, since 1986.

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